Thanks for writing this. I find myself thinking a lot of the same things as a personal finance writer. What gives me the right to offer tips on saving/budgeting/frugality when there are so many structural issues at play? Achieving financial security is increasingly difficult for many people, regardless of the individual actions they may choose to take.

I come from a privileged background and try to remember that every time I put words to paper. I might begin to offer the typical advice along the lines of "Don't buy so much stuff and then you can save more money." Then I realize this advice is mostly relevant for people who have always had enough.

What if someone came from poverty, got a great job, and now this is their first chance to actively buy the things they've always wanted but could never have - or give their kids those things? What gives me the right to tell them they shouldn't be "so consumerist"?

It's complicated but the more we talk about it, the better we can understand it. You bring up a lot of nuanced issues here, so thanks for that!

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